Lilac Lilies is a one-woman brand born out of Kiara's passion for handmaking her own clothes and crocheting bespoke wearables. Born and raised in Singapore, she admires the tenacity of the city state's local fashion and sustainability movements. Inspired by nature's beauty and vibrant colours, Kiara's handmade collections reflect her love of experimenting with the craft of crochet, each piece is its own unique design, as she does not repeat designs. Her journey began with a love for vintage fashion and thrifting, which evolved into a celebration of learning the age old craft and designing her own pieces. Each creation is made with Kiara's dedication to craftsmanship and her desire to share the joy of handmade, and slow fashion with lovely humans. 

All pieces are designed, tested, and handmade by herself. In addition to her crochet creations, Kiara handpicks thrifted and vintage goods, infusing her collections with a blend of timeless charm and modern creativity.

I hope you find something that you can truly call yours, if not, don't hesitate to reach out so we can create your piece together ;) - Kiara Rie